Ophelia is proud to present that we have been given the “Clean & Safe” stamp issued by the Portuguese Tourism Board and all our staff has received a training course regarding the Health & Safety measures required by DGS, to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sanitization and Disinfection of our vehicles/ vessels Plan
  • After each activity we will sanitize and disinfect all equipment used according to the applicable rules for each equipment;
  • After each activity we will sanitize and disinfect vehicles/vessels that have been used, according to the applicable rules for each sort of transport;
  • In order to ensure the control and prevention of infections and antimicrobial resistance we will wash and disinfect all surfaces where co-workers and guests circulate;
  • Cleaning of objects of common use will be done several times a day. Wet cleaning will be used instead of dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
Our Staff
  • All our guides will wear masks and will provide hand disinfectant inside the vehicles/ vessels, whenever requested.
  • A member of our staff will be designated to activate the procedures in the event of suspected infection;
  • Our guides can deny participation on the tour to anyone who shows symptoms of illness or does not carry and wear a face mask.
Vessels - Rules of conduct for guest’s participation
  • The use of a face mask before entering the boat is compulsory. If guest does not have a face mask we can supply it at a cost;
  • When entering the boats guests will be encouraged to disinfect their hands/gloves with an alcohol-based disinfectant, kindly provided by our staff;
  • Social distancing (1,5 – 2,00 meters) should be maintained throughout the journey on boats with the capacity of 20 or over participants;
  • During the cruise guests should keep to the same seating on the boat. When guests circulate on the boat, the use of a face mask is mandatory;
  • Life jackets are to be found in a signed area. To protect all participants, the use of the life jacket is exclusive to each guest and they should keep it for the whole journey.

For your and our safety, use your common sense. Wash your hands frequently, keep a safe distance between yourself and others and use the inside of your elbow or a tissue for sneezing and coughing.

Welcome aboard! Have fun!

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